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fought to have it amended so as to make it less good.

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Naff Mortimer H. mc Birmingham State Board Dolomite.

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of the menstrual period all the above symptoms of hysteria would be much

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towards its prevention. The long list of preventive means which

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hand will answer if inward the pressure must be applied to

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time. Return slowly to upright position drawing the air slowly into the lungs.

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orniation of septi. Complete bony septi of the maxil

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with the opposite effect of making them hard and un

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are sometimes caused in this way. By the use of the

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ing the unborn or the born child suffer. When children come far enough

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geon. Relieved from duty in Department of Dakota to

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can afford immunity from smallpox and that the unnatural

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Nothing is more common than to see an elaborate ventilating plant with

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escharotic. Fuming nitric acid has been quite a favorite remedy of

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the drama human happiness and life itself were themes

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absorbed these conditions are not wholly met by catgut. Soft

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GEON. To proceed at once with necessary aitend nts

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fluid from the middle ethmoidal cells. In the third

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sentaneously on the two cords and. These cords were

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by the close approximation of the apical foramen of the

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tions to the bronchi. This will occur in mediastinal tumor

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in improving its sanitary condition by allowing all the class rooms to be

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The morning of the th found our patient in better condition than we

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developed followed by characteristic laryngeal and res