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Inasmuch as the open incision method furnishes as good results

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will not be changed by such a procedure. The classic symptoms

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subject is a prominent etiological factor in the constitutional dis

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subject. The operative methods are the functional weighting

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erly than the general surgeon who has his cases brought to

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health officer doing good work with hearty cooperation of doctors

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of the State Board of Health and who could with zeal and

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negativing the use of drugs and material remedies does not en

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and local application remedies not censored by us. The stand

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from him in a sparkling stream while at times he joined

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expect that the results of Csesarean delivery in comparatively

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to get rid of as many cases of manifest tuberculosis as could

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Acknowledgement of al books received will be made in this

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about variation in temperature all these are basic points responsibility for

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by pig feeding. The next greatest value is the fat and fertilizer value.

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than the average in the United States. The birth rate aver

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on receipt of this order and then to proceed to his home.

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Every corner every niche should be thoroughly cleaned and freed of vermin.

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In three days the pupil had contracted and the tension was diminished.

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method is almost word for word a description by the writer of an

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Institute at Goerbersdorf the same principle has long been adopted.

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the beginning may be followed by several relapses. Enough

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nor legislators nor retaliationists nor religionists. Thus your Committee

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band it must be remembered that it was still more for the

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make his diagnosis. If so then his days of usefulness are

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This paper and the promineuce given to it show that there are

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from the normal. per cent of the prostates over years of

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scarcely to be expected that a cavity in a lung in whic

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fully guard the public health but to them the additional duty was

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At the last meeting of this x ssociatiox in Denver

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retained. Eminent authorities state that hysteria and mania are

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Montgomery Philadelphia Pa. J. Mills Browne Surgeon General