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recovered. In three fatal eases of fracture of the skull the tem

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If the brain could enter into the state of actual hibernation like

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State to prescribe rule and regulations for such inspectors and employes

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pected ulcer of the stomach was referred by his internist for

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Christopher Walter H. mc Memphis Hospital cb Lisman.

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time remembers the almost unnoticed almost forgotten ulcer.

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M Page New York Roswell Park Buffalo Albert E. Persons

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lected sheets containing in orderly and connected fashion the

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blood vessels which if ruptured may add materially to the

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cauterization with the Paquelin cautery so as just to superficially

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with the premises occupied by the sick per cent formalin or

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tomed and untrained is calculated to result in a drifting away

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they assume a spongy appearance hence the name osteoporosis.

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After the trouble had lasted a day or two a little pus trickled

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his experience with this treatment during the winter of

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curable by drugs and can only be relieved by arytenectomy. Fol

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a tablespoonful of linseed meal in milk daily or cod liver oil.

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due to the B. anthracis which thrives in rich moist inundated soils

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the opening of another year of prospective prosperity.

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Dr. Cameron of Eutaw introduced the following resolution

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bichloride and the vulva covered with an antiseptic occlu

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not the teacher. But if she will be insistent enough that these requirements

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news that in fourteen cases of chlorosis in which gastric dis

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must be considered whether in the absence of the function or dur

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genesis. Hence since one of the first effects observed

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at all or only in a slight degree if the husband was absent

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tionable feature of gauze is that it attracts moisture yet on this very

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placed undiluted on the tongue three times daily and improves

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ous ectasia with normal coverings parietal insufficiency or