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premises from cows about to calve or from infected calves brought

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following the use of one of the anthelmintics recommended above

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ing sulphur see p.. The skin must be first washed with

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every day and by giving only bran mash hay roots etc. on days

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necessitates the exclusion of boiled or sterilized milk of any kind.

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naju many times for extrauterine pregnancy all the pa

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tion occurred in infants nursing at the breast. Sometimes this

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period with aura proceeding from the ovarian regions. The pelvic organs were

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which they have the greatest need accept their offer

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three and four sacral nerves. With its true and false liga

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shortened. In the application of such conservative work

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such an examination frequently shows us nothing but the evidence

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is advisable. All worms passed should be destroyed by burning.

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of the compression Pleurisy with effusion is apt to

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Brothers Thomas Jefferson mc P. amp S. Baltimore State Board

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he had his supper and read the evening newspaper with

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the skin. Post mortem the most striking findings are

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cannot be helped. Scores of times mothers have said

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disposed for the furtherance of its philanthropic purposes and

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ruary the committee of the New Yoric Legislature ap

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Moved out of the county Horace Lamar McWhorter to Fairfield

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The rights of the unborn are often not respected as they

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has once appeared. To begin treatment the scabs or crusts must

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hour in the evening with great benefit the patient making

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Wright Solon Westcott mc Birmingham State Board Bes

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If the sheath of the extensor tendon is opened the tendon ex

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serious that some interference is demanded the position of the stone

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hours after I first saw him amputation was made under chlorofoim through

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makes subsequent procedure easy. He reports here however