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average hospital. Lyons examined cases of tuberculosis

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great number of cases of this class I have especially noticed the

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not know whether the accompanring vein was wounded in

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and our inability to control by means of them the necrotic process

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lesions as those found in the dorsal and upper lumbar portions heretofore

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ing two sinuses. The posterior one passes around the

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ported but the hospital always remember other things being

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appearance of respectability to the product in question

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Body presented same appearance as in preceding cases. There was the

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minds an interest in this branch of medicine that will lead you to

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salicylic acid in alcohol i io is also efficient and not dangerous.

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posure to cold and dampness and by toxins and is difficult to

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should be washed thoroughly with soap and water and then with

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these cases they are permitted to escape the discipline which is the

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in our colleges more thorough. Give at least as much

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ing. Often there is no complaint of pain apparently because the

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panying me in my rounds to her identity. She had a large

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Baumhauer Theodore Clergot univ of Pennsylvania. cb Mobile.

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telling of conditions perhaps of machinery for control perhaps of plans

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Dr. William Wotkyns Seymour of Troy The Application of the

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make it unfavorable for germ life and he conjectures that cer

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to the causes. In the first place our prolix French

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were given in the literature I had never appreciated before