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monly of the subcutaneous bursa over the knee. It may reach great

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whether they be parts of skin subcutaneous tissue fascia or muscle.

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suspicious symptoms. He ends by saying he would especially

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guages. It is also well known that certain departments of

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almost invariably by ether or chloroform. But as was most per

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of war material. Selective service has classified and will ulti

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Hysteric paralyses at once impress one by their vari

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to say whether the pain is periosteal or muscular or both but

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disinfected and hair and crusts burned. The disease may be spread

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about two and a half to three inches from the median line and

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life or of exposure to other deleterious influences combined or not

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I said he was afraid in opening these abscesses of entering

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I lation of duty had been brought to notice women have

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under the large gluteus are considered under Tenosynovitis.

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A poorly drained badly constructed or badly kept ice box means that a

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causes and modes of transmission as was the case in the wars