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lelphia September. He was graduated from the University
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distinct disease which no one now holds.. As a mixed infec
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pouch. This mass was necrotic and had ruptured. Two defin
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when subjected to the necessary strain. In addition to
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main the suggestions call for some retraining of the school engineers and
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of the sling in which oxen rest when shod. General symptoms
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matized tissues constitute the principal aims of the modern
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or externally. Instances of this method of cure are lamiliar
broken rest is disturbed by fearful and horrible dreams al
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remove it and thus relieve the patient of this horrible disease.
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by further experience with it they are convinced that such appa
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fact is that our neighbor died of consumption and his wife has
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County Medical Society action in this case was postponed until
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laboring families of Glasgow lived in one room tenements. The inference