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favorable prognosis can be explained. The usual seat of perfora

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sence of eosinophiles. The blood picture of pneumonia and

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Donald Dan Caldwell mc Tuiane State Board Birmingham.

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dissection. The central tendon is then cut and the urethra

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existing evils in the relations which the physician bore to the public has

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there is delirium and very marked thirst. Each of these in itself

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extract of belladonna. The addition of potassium bromide gr. x to

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ide a plea for discrimination between eases. We are all here

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little more facility in the manipulation of the metal to be gained

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distal end. While doing this I had the nurse prepare

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The relative indication is where the accoucheur decides that

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sudden and violent injury to nerves over the activity of the heart.

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should be made the guiding star in all cases whether they be under

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Moore Columbiana Secretary T. E. Reeves Wilsonville Treasurer

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shrinkage coincident with the expenditure of so great an amount of muscular

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above pitched the uterus forward giving the abdomen an unusually globular

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centre of the swelling hence the name black leg owing to the color

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received hydriatric treatment after which he bad luncheon and was again

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The United States Public Health Service cooperating with

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and peristaltic movements. As this water was withdrawn and

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whether by an increase in the amount secreted cause the number

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using the intraabdominal finger as a guide and making an in

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can be cured. AVe may also try electricity. The process however is

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no union ensues until finally for some unknown reason their hasty

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