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Theoretically he knows he should exercise in the cold but how is that

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the far reaching and salutary influence of which isof inestimable value.

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month after parturition. They fall to the ground absolutely rigid

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to myopia. Consequently I must believe that there are emmetropic

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been operated on before this extreme general suppurative con

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however in these cases regularly compelled further high amputa

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that it does not properly provide for the treatment of the

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being heated to degrees F. would then have a relative humidity of

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have been operated on the cavity from which the pus was

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tissue of the muscles of the tongue neck heart flank and thigh

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ence the latter part of February the Executive Officer of the

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by mental or spiritual means without the use of an drug or

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most carefully looked after and any other disease that the patient

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disease. A success in reducing the death rate to a marvelous

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government Is that democracy Is that not giving me and

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the muscles will be brought into action and will be dis

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constipation. I believe we should study more carefully the

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after the operation aid recovery. These measures are more appli

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to be yet a very serious one and required some weeks of close

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human medicine. In animals this treatment is inadvisable as it

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under the head of ethical philosophy not surgery and the time is

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Madagascar in modem times see a very interesting paper by

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dislocations. Or it may be infectious following pneumonia septice

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there were four cases of acute inflammatory glaucoma one eye only