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in most cases of cervical laceration is the eversion of the os uteri
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diac rhythm in other affections but not in cardiac fibrosis. The
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The tumors thus produced vary in consistency and size and
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a sleek parched appearance and still in other cases it may
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less his face and lips pale his surface cool and bathed in clammy
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Dr. Joseph Price of Philadelphia I have never had a patient
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unusually large. It is doubtless to this principle that the efficacy
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ference. When I saw the patient with Dr. Lesser on January I
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gans of the body then the surgeon throws up his hands in
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may be removed by the action of the phagocytes Klebs.
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sensitiveness in the left ovarian region vaginally a conical portio
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loss of the muscle substauee. In most instances there was no
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difficulties are increased by the fact tl.at the mastoid portion
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ascertained that the patient had miscarried the night before having been
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