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a condition of slowness in the action of the bowel a d.turbed

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precautions and introduction of a canula into the vein. The blood

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moved. Macroscopically it was similar to that of the previous case. After

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Average Doctor by Dr. Herbert Judd of Galesburgh. The

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history negative always well until May when he had first pulmonary

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a wash bottle containing per cent carbolic acid into a rubber tube

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He thinks it is yet too early to say definitely from the clinical

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institution in the world and that being true we should exert every

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liberties the Kaiser s brazen agents had discussed methods to

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sloughing there frequently results even before perforation a local

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heart. It was a royal feast attended only by Mr. Tait

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thing in its favor. But the percentage of such cases what is

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regulate the practice of medicine. The trial was by jury and

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It is also probably true that their irregular shape prevents their

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and installation of officers. The officers to be elected are a

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a prompt recovery from the operation she is left in an

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tion without the removal of the uterus as have had consider

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meters. During the period of old age there is a drop back in

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knows of one patient who was operated on by a professional

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been limited but having read the literature on the subject he

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gressive weakness emaciation and anemia with often icterus of the

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even in the base hospitals we all need instruction in the special

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the only one affected. The reverse of this condition

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