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and to effusion or infiltration serous serosanguineous or

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Ashworth Robert F. mc Louisville Hospital State Board

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the anatomy of the veins of the eye showing the two

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fixed methods the position of the lateral sinus that it might

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dure but we feel that it is justified as a war measure.

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cable for dogs as general anesthesia and stretching of the sphincter

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add one additional measure the segregation of the infant from

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As to therapeutic use of bacterins in pneumonia a number

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carbons. In some cases the sugar disappeared entirely.

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tracted kidney. In a large percentage of cases a marked scle

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neal operation after the method of Young unless there is a

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figures. Saxony alone lost in two years. In Bavaria

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day once by enema once by rectal tube. Later rectal tube occasionally

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of the patient. The whole dressing was removed in all severe cases

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has no real interest. The physician must therefore have zeal

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ordinary development the lower three or four inches of the canal

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Hartford County Medical Society. This society will hold

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of Alabama because they are elected by the Association of

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the woman that she continue her menstrual habit even though she flows

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come from inside instead of one from outside trusting to opening doors and

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on the blanks sent to the secretary of each county society.

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The retention of waste products affects the system by undergoing changes

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ter and practical course could be offered by the academic col

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present at the operation and by the nurses who kept

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Tuberculous teno synovitis is seen in cattle along the front of the

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admitted November. Family history Father died at forty five

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sion in the upper lobe of the left lung. Temperature

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tology teaches that fibroid production takes place about injured

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tracheotom afforded opportunity foi the removal of a metal

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or nurse given a bottle of boric acid solution with direc

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Sympathetic iritis in its early stage calls for enucleation of the

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