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unwrapped other dry towels are put around them and finally

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Gas Heaters. A bathroom should be a little warmer than the average.

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tract of pilocarpus i sulphur ointment to make i or the chry

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the flow. Eight years ago had an abortion followed by fever since then

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ual with large bones and joints abundance of fat a broad

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broken. The sudden muscular rigidity noted on the first closure of

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that the campaign against venereal disease in the British army was not the

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slight dyspnea following exercise. The remarkable feat

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sensitive bladder compelling him to urinate at frequent intervals.

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I could with the greatest ease double or triple this little record

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forty years showing that in simple hyperopia they will need glasses

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tains flakes and perhaps bacilli. Tuberculosis not rarely affects the

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The big things the building of ships the training of armies

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many think otherwise. In common with thousands of other

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his wonderful labors and achievements for science were fostered

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perature is an important symptom and well worth watch

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gestive of lupus may continue for years and may terminate in

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a constitutional tendency lithiasis allied to the gouty and arthri

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that which now obtains in the conduct of the business of the

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duration. Began with a pulmonary hemorrhage followed by cough spat

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of reduced iron i with powdered nux vomica i and gentian

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necessary be taken to remit the dues of all members now enlisted in

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the fact that small quantities of bile could be injected into the

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half mile below Maine Village but subsequently moved into the

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in small patients. There is less fever and albumin in the urine than

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fusion or hypodermoclysis more especially moderate degrees of

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reive cases. Want of tone in the lower bowel due to

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I made an incision in front of the ankle joint extending across the

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duce marked and troublesome eruptions. Copaiba quinine bella

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Copenhagen reported a mortality of per cent for the past

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State has an attractive site in Cullman county for the erection

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room or place he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor

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This incident was connected with the operations of the underground