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out the whole tract. The contractile movements in this dog

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any special line of work write to the Surgeon General and tell

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My attention was first called to the subject some fif

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sected and patients cured in a few days with no suspensory

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is arterial excitement or local congestion. In tic douloureaux

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heen practically the same although the offspring had shown some symptoms

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cians who are prominent journalists in Europe as ex

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He stated that the question is to whethiM rupture of the

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to dispensaries placing these institutions under the di

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t The Committee of the American Public Health Associa

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spontaneous labor or liability to repeated Cesarean in the same

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usually suffer from some disease real or otherwise. No woman who rode

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cured and improved pa.tients than did the treatment by any

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Strychnine and atropine are also useful in convalescence.

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was a direct passage of infective products from the appendix

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tion in these operations you will readily see the advantage of

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Digitalis will usually temporarily or permanently restore the car

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this is that the collection of secretion and irritation con

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possibly such removal would be so difficult or necessarily so incom

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children s minds. Perhaps he has dementia precox. Perhaps he is a mental

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accomplished by passing a blunt hook up over the calculus within