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plexity of the subject created by the widely varying pathological

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to ringbone. Diagnosis is made by exclusion and by the positive

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through each edge of the latter Fig.. The thread is then

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the first six hours and as the discharge lessens the time may be

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regarded his profession as a calling of God to save human life and

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with the suggestion that we shall divide our refraction cases into

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In the male the removal of calculi from this region is much more

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after which it seems to decrease relatively in size and impor

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women are careless about cleanliness and consequently mor

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societies can become permanent members. Those eligible to permanent

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ors and diseases of the hypophysis is now a recognized

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nosis by making it possible for the heart to force a smaller quantity

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of gall stones to diminish and also allow them to be passed with

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manding General Department of the bouth for assign

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Committee on Organization and its Auxiliary Committee.

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corded in the Book of Transactions reveals many fights in

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as a whole and the Board fears should Dr. Cameron s resolu

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Hot Air Heating. The advantage of hot air heating is that it warms

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has shown me this is the second case on record where nephrotomy

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to the grave bodies wasted by consumption or marred and

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Fowler s solution of arsenic may be remedial in chronic scaly eczema

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ruary making in all seven eases of successful infliction of

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the temperature chart indicated the necessity for it.

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equipment. The temperature of the schoolroom must not be allowed to rise

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anywhere. The Eugenics Record Office has always been careful not to

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was well and went home six weeks after the operation.

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month with permission to apply for an extension of one

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portion of the cervix uteri. For this condition therefore as well

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determine whether the ovarian region is an epileptic zone that

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Children of the family who have had scarlet fever but who have been

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and frequency are indicated. To assuage excitement and mania

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fortunate termination. The man was a furniture mover by

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the same length of time as cocain.. In more than one case

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bran mashes with a few ounces of Carlsbad salts in them may be