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in the vagina. This has been proven by an abundance
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to maintain them in order to check the local venereal sores
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eases Acts in a district included in a radius of ten miles from
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m day or two have learned of a third victim. On January
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which to fix the date of the onset of the disease. But
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Any one of them can be moderately exaggerated without indicating the
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less and patients are kept a long time in the state of narcosis.
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Granite limestone clay sandstone slate chalk gravel and sand when
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Morphine injected under the skin is the most useful agent in
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months at fourteen years had rheumatism with severe pains in the mus
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that the groups have as nearly equal weight as possible each
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What these words mean nobody knows exactly. They are mighty good
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in the intervening years a narrow paved area bordered by grass and trees
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better than I possibly could otherwise the difficulties which
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my notice. A patient who has met with an injury requiring oper
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junctivitis and nasal discharge are often present. The animal falls
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solutions and the teats covered with carbolized vaseline.
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ris Munford County Health Officer W. E. Burt Talladega City
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of carcinoma with pregnancy. The supra vaginal operation is
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litus. There was established a new form of cirrhosis of
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both sides of the neck just below the angle of the jaw.
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the statistics as to the death rate of children caused from artificial
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fest cases of tuberculosis but which shall not regard the old
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eral condition is good. The disease is very persistent.
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this case one half c.c. subcutaneously every third day for three
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locations but sometimes wander into the brain peritoneum etc.
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one to say that vaginal hysterectomy is the proper method o
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Every second day a smear of material taken from various
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tions even after the greatest loss of blood possible from ordinary
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