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Phenergan Syrup Plain For Cough

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dogs salol and phenacetin may be prescribed in capsule of each

phenergan syrup plain for cough

As to the after treatment if I understood Dr. Frazier cor

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make his diagnosis. If so then his days of usefulness are

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with exuberant or fungoid granulations. Abscess formation may

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those passed by some such authority as the staff of Eugenics Laboratory

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shoitly afterward show fecal fistula that had gone without de

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not altogether free from that fault. At any rate I find myself quite

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toms physical signs or no physical signs I am going to put a

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the best of my knowledge I have had but four hernias in si

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Dr. Perry At this time I wish to thank the Association

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ing with glycerin and mivoring with orange flower water. It

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fected feed troughs and litter should be burned manure mixed with

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the diet and exercise to fit the case and in avoiding causes as

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and entropion in the former. Enlarged follicles appear on the

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and mixed varieties of infection on a fertile field.

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brought before the profession particularly through the medi

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family of my little patient have a grateful regard for paregoric

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