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Relieved from duty in ihe Department of the East and

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ical obstruction in the lower intestinal tract. In the first case

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been diagnosed as goitre for several years. When I saw her

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and nose. The conjunctiva and schneiderian membrane are often

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group in which they belong where sometimes by one method and sometimes

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not had the necessary training to appreciate technical

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and hurry to do the little things which must be done to help

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to the position of counsellor they occupying the grade of counsellors

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an ankylosed joint or pus in the joint the removal of the focus

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should also be donned. The rubber sheet to be placed under the

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The execution of Kemmler was under the immediate direction

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found to be quite independent of the srravity of the ease. Re

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lowed by puerperal fever. After recovering she was. after the lapse of three

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places. There is no easy way of always deciding what it is best

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Thorn James Aaron mc univ Alabama cb Franklin Vina.

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consequence of abnormalities of the cervical circulation and in cases

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suspected by two of my patients of having been the source of

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