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ticed by Martin which he considers simple and effective. No
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Gcrmantown officials have agreed to compromise on a
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practice is void even of a mitigating effec upon the progress
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in said respective meetings nominate from among the active counsel
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relief to learn next morning that the second dose had been
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sweats countenance expressionless or expressing great
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itself into his mind memory and determination that he took a solemn oath
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where the question does not analyze farther with gain. The fact is that
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tion. Each one of you because of your peculiar training and
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visiting the patient nurses in constant attendance acquire a remark
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taken if high up complications are found to exis.t. On the
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vanized pans as large as the setting of the radiator will allow. Under
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the point of tolerance of our patients that is to so regulate the
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illustration of the manner in which an unusual and unexpected
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cent in adults in hot months and per cent in fall and winter.
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is very suspicious but one which it is often impossible to differ
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aiming only to control the acts and influences of ita
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May it was my privilege to become associated profes
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drain is used it may be of rubber tubing or gauze covered with
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quicklime or burned. Sheep may be sent to the butcher in the
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washed with warm boric acid solution and the Wound closed by
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There must be some reason for this state of affairs. Is it
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foreign bodies in the stomach with gradual emaciation and gastro
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antiseptic dressing should be applied for a few days sterile gauze
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responsible for various conditions. He has abundant means of knowing