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schools should not go below even in the coldest weather. It should not

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pleuritis pneumonia endocarditis peritonitis and sometimes

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left behind and it is our opportunity and medical men won t

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Dr. Paul F. Munde of New York I used to see and continue

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and then a per cent eucain solution introduced. It should

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minutes. The immediate effect of the sulphur baths irrespective of

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effects of the non emptying of the organ in the presence of

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the dressing was renewed every day now perhaps not at all unless

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ported at these headquarters b assigned to duty at Fort

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so arranged that the condensation flows back to the basement the tendency to

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ing tn connect pregnancy with the seizures and steps should be taken

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especially in which a highly educated brilliant and most

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disposal and an abundant appropriation provided for the inves

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year later with pulmonary hemorrhages and died within a very

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I have some peculiar views in reference to dealing with

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holocaine hydrochlorate may be added to the atropine solution to

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tain the cause of it. Perhaps it is the imperfect ventilation.

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of the torpedo which is developed in and near the nerve in the

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Arnold for continuous sessions as a war emergency measure

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po.ssiblc and dangerous and a high forceps delivery is required

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Ousting that you will wish to publish this rectification. I

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by other and more satisfactory methods. It should be

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Both animals and persons with foot and mouth disease should

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making these reports they are advised to follow the plan of reporting

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tion through the urethral route from self instrumentation or