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no apologies for it. He convinces the other fellow that he
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Section of By laws. The names of Retired Permanent Members are
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edly preferable method of perineal drainage. My method of
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neuritis neuritis of leprosy and that of beri beri the two last
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nerve. In the left eye vision xx tension was slightly increased and
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from disease of the pericardium mediastinum gullet peritoneum
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tain ample room. Also to watch that the compresses walling
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back eighteen years. The Widal reaction with the patient s
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vehicle to carry German propaganda over the country. Ap
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Treatment consists in allaying the catarrhal condition by the
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Ward s paper but to express my appreciation of his warning
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cent of the births reported at the city registry are attended by
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ssing to be called on to participate in a discussion when Dr.
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from sudden perforation of the intestine. Spontaneous perforations of
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reproduce in the bOwels of the host within a week from entrance
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were n rong to attempt the enucleation of pus pockets whether
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the nation in every way that is good. During tlie past
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and is often more marked on the left side. The spasmodic throbs
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should be applied as by a moist antiseptic dressing gauze soaked
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rarely economically advisable as recovery is apt to be very slow and
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water internally and bandaging the limbs is desirable. In hemate