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tion formerly invohnng the right ala nasi and the contiguous

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nerves which is transmitted to the ceutral nervous system and

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Ignatz Movray Rottenberg d st A. Alexander Smith W. th st

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times remedies and measures which should otherwise produce a

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Table. Medical College Graduates for Last Six Years.

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six months prior in the Proceedings of the Pathological

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ation. If the pulse flags or becomes irregular the ether should be

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or cervix is of serious consequence one does not go to a rhinologist

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if these are not some indirect or secondary consequence of the current. The

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when necessitated by severe hemorrhage and as these cases are

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may b e communicated to man naturally by contact with variolous

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Operation. McBurney Harrington incision. On opening

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ing and Ventilation of Public and Private Buildings.

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ties. The welfare of a society depends to a great extent upon the

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times seen alone. Death occurs in from six hours to as many days