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less without evidences of general peritonitis save in a few spots where a

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large the abdominal viscera occupying their normal position

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recovery are immeasurably increased by going to hospitals in

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arms not being developed They measure only seven and one half inches.

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pearance will not therefore be necessarily secured by the cure

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depend upon the levees at the head of the valley to protect them

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afford in many cases more reliable data for guidance of the

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be retaken by the horse in drinking water and the larvae may enter

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streptococcus focus in the uterus. It is justified with pyo

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repeated until the skin over the spine is very red and active. The

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A poorly drained badly constructed or badly kept ice box means that a

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is removed. In the great majority of cases it is caused by the

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The kidneys are of medium size capsules non adherent vessels well

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reference relieves this. Dr. Angle emphasizes the fact that it

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and being often as suitable for the detection and safe removal of the

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odomen decreased in size and the patient has become able to

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the influence of specific foods and medicines urticaria is sometimes

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stipation should be relieved as by the daily use of aromatic extract

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of disease than have befcn killed and died of wounds. We

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Preventive measures consist in exercise during pregnancy with

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glands removed at operation both by the suprapubic and peri

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McBurney point the unusual amount of vomiting and hiccough with at this

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ous s stem relieve nervous irritation and muscular tension.

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Red Cross work food conservation knitting for the soldiers

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photograph from which Fig. is taken. The feet were quite per

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greatest scourges of the human race which will never cease until

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case has no nasal lesion relief being sought from the dis