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Sulfasalazine Dosage Rheumatoid Arthritis

local application by means of a swab to the vagina. The existence

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cates this method of treatment in chronic suppurative endometritis.

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Provision for the drainage of the wound and the prompt removal

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Since the cost of the closed drain is about double the cost

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method for operating upon these cases. Do not tinker with a club

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with the germs producing the colitic inflammation. If any of

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relative value. Especially should the clinician s judgment de

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President and Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of

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all more or less questionable. Listen to some of the narra

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nature of a supposed cancerous diathesis warp their judgment as

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measure will prevent nineteen twentieths of the blindness that comes in

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in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of

these cases they are permitted to escape the discipline which is the

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Special works Wilson Air Conditioning the British Parliamentary

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the year a swinegelder in Switzerland had thus delivered

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nobody has made any observations or given much thought to either heating

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vide the means for the education of its wards the people to the

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indicating a purulent infection somewhere. Urine examination

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and nose. The conjunctiva and schneiderian membrane are often

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tion seems to be given to that question. They should be taught

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have a record of many thousands of cards of typhoid fever

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infectious diseases except measles and pneumonia. The great

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other communicable and infectious diseases enumerated under Section

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posal as they may be handled by any well ordinated system the

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of which you evidently were not aware the individual sup.

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arm of the government that our boys have gone forth to fight

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stimulated by strychnine every three hours as above or by digitalis

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sure. Fluctuating or semi solid painless circumscribed swellings

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through either some stimulating emotion intensely or repeat

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nomena reaction which follow the inoculation of vaccines

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frank to say that I urge entire removal both early and late provided