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entrance into the army and in the persons of those who were
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with that of other writers and so attempts to give a
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tinguished from glycosuria in that the latter refers to any condition
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tember cases death Warsaw August to September. deaths
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may occur. This occurs however if at all toward the end of the
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comes along. Adults of the races longer civilized adapt themselves more
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ture of the two tampons thoroughly soaked in glycerin and hot
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protects man from smallpox. Cow pox horse pox and sheep pb x v
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years which have been held in check by curetting performed at
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gans of the body then the surgeon throws up his hands in
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the comb and thence over the body with crusts and loss of feathers.
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with warm per cent lysol solution until the rectum water comes
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results in similar work abroad one that we may reasonably
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It being established that diphtheria is an infiltration of living
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adhesions the uterus and its appendages would entitle it to rank as
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has come. Why should we not put our team work in which
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served his days of usefulness in the practice of medicine. I
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tion of removal of the appendages which is not only mucu more
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There are few communities with less than inhabitants that have
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Q. From the standpoint of health what is the most important room
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several doctors and county medical societies were presented to
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Again the death rates are getting low invalidism less the average of
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murders committed by men who ought to be protected against themselves
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monia are indicated as the ammonium compounds recommended
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strated how politeness could embrace generous benefac
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temperature. In cattle dyspnea cyanotic mucous membranes lach
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Spring cleaning is a custom and always has been. The cave man had
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than the establishment of quarantine regulations as a defence against
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omic differences almost unbelievable by one who has given the