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These consist of two frames arranged like an embroidery frame. Into this
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and thus indirectly a frequent collection is promoted. Garbage reduction can
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I do not attempt to state sjDecifically what constitutes
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istic it sometimes lacks salient features and is not easily recognized.
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by philanthropy under direction of the dental society.
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gives drops of fluid extract of viburnum. Neither opium nor whisky should
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the suitable operation. I make it a practice to perform the peri
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The temperature does not always fall iu cases of shock at least
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Treatment of Nervous and Mental Affections being a New SyBtem of Cerebro spinal
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rapidly and as fully as possible the nitrogenous waste products.
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in next few days. Will make effort to have Lumsden go also.
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or weeks. A correct diagnosis can rarely be made without a history
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for the type of hernia. As definite characteristic symptoms
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is often used at stated intervals or to treat newly acquired animals
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Add humidity to the air until the hygrometer shows over constantly.
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present condition of prosperity both in attendance and influence
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or exclusive of those having that requirement now. It thus
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and received medical attention at once but my patient
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term endometritis. Where disease exists it is much safer to employ
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state would have followed amputation at a lower point.
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essential part of it. In additiun to his thorough knowledge
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r.ged his guests to similar indulgences. As a story teller
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facts relating thereto as well as by a large and increasing propor
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were called before the local board they would be ready for
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secondary suppuration and fever are present the prognosis will be
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visited or are of themselves so important but because the custom of having
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I ia occur in childhood. Jolly confirms this state
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technic of this difficult operation which was quite suc
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any nasal discharge or sneezing as in false sturdy due to Oestrus
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then fully two inches shortening. Moderate surgical fever followed but
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adjoining counties and no one would say that they do not
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lating the calves and bringing them up by artificial feeding.
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