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R. H. Ilonner in his annual address congratulated the organi
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premises and contents are also required as the infection persists
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rhea happens to be held by the physician it will be diffi
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special training in public health work as inspectors drawing
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denuded nerves and tendons. There is an advantage in passing
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ing forward. Disturbance of the eye nose and buccal
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is a rapid pulse with little or no temperature and persistent
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average except in those cases where for special reasons special medical and
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son years of age be increased by stretching the cartilage between the
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about twenty showing at this age tie lens begins to lose its power
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patients for a few months that mercury offers great hope as a
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favorable notwithstanding the severity of the symptoms
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in earnestly recommending to the Legislature the regulating
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with the patient or could not be obtained. The preparation
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is no telling when this war will be over. In Washington they
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It is suspended by its superior and inferior extremities being
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chest and urine were examined with negative findings was
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viz. the struggling young practitioner and the charitable patrons of the
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The intention is that the duct be eliminated by the screens baffles and
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geon the appendix being drained through the abscess. In cases
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the anterior axillary and the median line the greatest prominence corre
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have insisted upon them more than once. They are valid as against the
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on a few cases treated in the University Hospital with salvar
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examining board of some other county than that in which the mem
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line inscious vitality remaining in the prisoner s body after the first
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