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areas the general death rate has been halved the consumption death rate has

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acid i per cent. borax i to Oi creolin one half teaspoonful to

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mitted to carry this philanthropic plan to fruition as

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forth. In other words a dairy cow will have fulfilled her func

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nation kidneys and bowels are unable to throw off the waste products. The

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trouble over which he constantly brooded for the past eight months has

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Ward s paper but to express my appreciation of his warning

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think that every one of these cases should be operated upon

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bind them together. No cell is separate and isolated. When the brain cells

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culosis by the tuberculin test must be condemned. The health au

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ciently to admit of full correction of the ametropia beautiful as

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I must express the belief that many cases of ovaritis salpingitis and

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tendency to ignore the bone in operating on the turbinals that

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The publisher however agrees with you that although

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Occurring Some Time After Nephrectomy. With the Report of

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illustrated by epigram anecdote and poetry. His auditors go away inter

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Feulner Chas. Daniel mc Kentucky School Med. State Board

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was not marked but both broad ligaments were tense and thickened

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the latter treatment has failed. Periosteotomy has been followed

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and bathrooms in country houses will help to keep the country people from

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Inflammation of the udder occurs from infection through the

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will be able to work at higher efficiency and with less tire.

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Bspey Curtis mc univ of South cb Henry Midland City.

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cases of tuberculosis in the human are cases of tuberculosis of the

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is for an enthusiastic believer in electricity to fail if be lacks skill

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twitching of muscles and stupor are frequent. Puerperal fever is

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Prognosis was that the patient would eventually recover but convalescence

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nerves there is a loss of electricity when the nerves pass from rest

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htere was a supposed syphilitic erosion of the vaginal portion. It

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third month before or after rupture unless there is a

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the endometrium there are few women who have experienced the

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The diet should be laxative and easily digestible as gruels mashes